Using one’s own language is quick and exact. My mother language happens to be Finnish. That’s why this English “Personal EU” blog is much shorter and more less detailed than the Finnish one. That’s why you allways should read it – instead of this.

But if you are not very good in Finnish or will be internationally minded, you have to be satisfied with the English description – or wait for your native language “Personal EU” presentation, which may take time and maybe result a bad translation from an ugly English text.

It’s a pity if only people speaking a common language have an ability to communicate with eachothers in a common team. We all know that small children can do it – but how about us others?

One of the great ideas in the “Personal EU” concept is that the network team software is so good, that it can override language gaps and barriers by simply and immediately showing any text in the readers own language. Then all team members could concentrate in communicating with eachothers without stupid and unnecessary language problems.

If you have such an “understandabliser”, please bring it to the “Personal EU” circles. Otherwise we until that just have to learn from failures and use a mixture of common languages, common words, common pictures… Common signals.

And even when we finally find the common language we have to remember that words, pictures and voices do not mean anything – they just transport meanings.

See what I mean?

Successful Cooperation!


Personal EU blog(English)

Personal EU blog(Finnish)