Your Personal EU team
As a citizen of your country AND the European union it is very natural, that you would have an own personal union-wide team. Of course it is important to create a good portal and software for millions of such teams. But even more essential it is to personnally realise the inner character of such teams.

A Personal EU Team is a “lengthening”, expansion, extension, enlargening of your personal traces, capabilities in “hobbying”, developing and working. Your most essential things in those areas should be the most important subjects of your team, too. That’s how you’ll get the maximum out of the continuing team life. When every other member of your team represents his/her own EU country and culture, the combination and wholeness of that “Personal EU” will be even a larger idea than just the sum of its parts – because the human creativity works wonders from the team’s “related components”.

So, the best thing you can do to prepare yourself for your Personal EU Team is to make three top ten lists: your hobbies, your developments, your works. Those lists could consist of 2 columns: the top ten of today/until now and the top ten of your future (as well as you can imagine it).

When you start to collect your Personal EU Team and feed that information with your personal data into the search/find engine, those lists will help the system to present the ideal team for you.

This is how simple it should be.

Europe and its 500 million unique individuals need new natural ways to become “the world’s most advanced information society”. As a network of Personal EU Networks we all can fully utilise our personal resources for the benefit of our personal national neighbourhood AND a happy growth of the common international union.

Successfull Cooperation!

Kurt Linderoos
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