As an EU citizen you could easily build an own union-wide individual team – just like ministers and commissars do: someone like you from as many countries as you like.

The life is getting more and more international and challenging and such a team could give a new very natural lifelong learning perspective for everything. Studying different languages togehter. Finding new solutions to old problems from eachothers’ countries. Comparing prices and buying things together. Voting. Selling together. Making initiatives to the union…

Count now: how many countries do you already have in your personal union? Why not introduce them to eachothers, too? And if you’d like to help in developing better union-wide team tools to manage such personal teams, go the Commission’s “New Working Environments” site, read the newest visions and if you find something very interesting, join it.

I promise with all my personal resources to go on developing the “Personal EU” concept to become an individual-centric union-wide team system – free for all of us to join and use for our own and common national and European profit.

The “Personal EU” initiative will have its first union-wide presentations during the AMI@Work family Communities of Creation strategy workshop, taking place in Brussels 4-5 February – and I’ll be there, avéc.

Do I get your support?

Successful Cooperation!
Personal EU blog(English)
Personal EU blog(Finnish)

PS. If You haven’t seen my original “Personal EU” vision, this is the right moment.