Personal EU MeetPoint 7Europe is the n:o 1 tourist destination: 60% of all tourism in the world. A big part of this travelling consists of trips inside the EU.

What a wonderful way to create your own “Personal EU” network!

In big and even smaller European tourist places you could at once meet individuals from all EU countries – if just someone would introduce them to you. How about an easy way to do it? A “Personal EU Meetpoint” in every significant international EU city! Personal EU MeetPoint 1

For that only 25 paving stones in a circle is needed, with an EU country name on each of them.

The Personal EU Meetpoint system would be quickly well-known everywhere.

You can easily imagine situations, where people go to their own country plates and find other people standing on their own plates. What happens then? Maybe just a friendly laugh. Maybe changing visiting cards. Maybe an unforgettable common while in the nearest pub or sunny corner café. Maybe a lifelong union-wide internet team…

We could have millions of such teams. Just between individuals from 4-5 countries. Or up to full EU25 teams. We need this kind of personal “enlargement” to meet the challenges of the third millennium. Our home countries need such citisens to succeed in international circles. And our common European union needs such a team spirit to guarantee a happy life for us all.

How about an union wide Personal EU Meetpoint contest between all our cities? Personal EU MeetPoint 2
I think everyone would win in that competition.

Successful Cooperation!

Personal EU blog(English)
Personal EU blog(Finnish)

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