Speech held to representatives of 16 EU countries by Kurt Linderoos at the “New Working Environments” workshop of the EU Commissions’ AMI@Work Communities in Brussels February 5th 2005:

“In making EU the worl’d most advanced information society we have simply and desirably to focus on the benefit of 450 milloin individuals, their national identities AND the EU at once.”

Good morning, my union wide team!

This is a nice planet, isn’t it? I’m Kurt Linderoos from Finland, representing my one-man corporation United Brains Ltd. During the next seven minutes I’ll give you a complete report of a “simple and stupid” idea named Personal EU – Your Own European Union – and how to create the worlds’ most advanced information society.

The Personal EU idea has been clear for me in five-six years – and during the previous Finnish EU presidency nineteen ninety nine I “almost” succeeded to get it mentioned in our presidency Summit. Next year 2006 i think we shouldn’t miss it any more.

Personal EU is union-wide teams with one person from each (5 to 15 to 25) EU country, just like a minister- or commissioner team. Persons with similar or completing private, hobby, development and work or enterprise profiles and challenges.

One million such complete teams would mean just 5 % of the union’s population, so it’s realistic to speak with time about very many millions of different size Personal EU teams.

When developed, the teams will utilise their team-interactive heads and dotcom-, mobile- and digitv-interactive 3via software.

Everyone will if needed use his or her OWN language – and all others will see or hear and understand it in their own languages. Personal EU brings together everyone’s own personal, national and culture resources. It fulfills the challenge of union-wide development – and is a new essential fuction level of the European Union.

The Personal EU -concept means a chance to end the monopol of hierarchic organisations, which slice individuals in boxes, connected with thin lines to eacothers. Personal EU “organiCsations” consist of all your brain resources i widening development with similar unique brains. It means exciting ways to try harder. It means business with multi-national brain-shine – and millions of natural ways to union-wide solutions.

Now my Personal EU route map to the worlds most advanced information society in line with the Lisbon strategy. I use “route” instead of “road”, because to a big part of the beast routes do not have roads at all:


We don’t understand eachothers native languages good enough – or at all. We don’t understand the challenge of our EU citisenship – added to our national citisenship. Mostly we can not as persons build challenging international teams. And most of us 450 million unique individuals do not yet believe that we are allowed to show the power of our total brain.

Short term steps can easily be to:

be bold and use poorly common languages, not even as well as I now,

realise our chance that is built in our EU citisenship,

get the best existing and european multi-user online softwares,

be happy about the EU commissions i2010 and route map to human centricity.

The medium-term steps in these issues could be to:

add helping translation systems to our net-teams,

add good challenge-profile finders to the our team system,

make our team-search-engines cover all union and integrate tv-mobile-dotcom.

Long term (but not too long) goals:

Online translations from any language to many languages to any language.

A new personal understanding, that we have 2 essential citisenship levels – the national and the “EUnal”.

The Personal EU team system will show its power not just as great solutions to the teams and their members – but to the research and development interactivity with the other EU organisation levels – and the profitability to the changing business organisations, too.

The simple and stupid idea behind Personal EU is that You are the union – just enlarge yourself ! If you like to remember it by buying my t-skirt, I have 4 or 5 of them with me.

You can get this introduction with links to all longer reports and blogs and discussion forums, too, directly from my memory stick during the next pause. Or by remembering the web-address www.personaleu.net

Thank You for Thinking.