Within the next few years the European union needs a big amount of different union-wide human-oriented service and knowledge chains. This is ofcourse a challenge for existing European companies. But it is even a bigger challenge for handsome private citisens who like to reach something more during their lifes than a fixed box in an old fashioned hierarchic organisation. I try to suggest a new kind of organicsation instead of it.

What kind of work, development and hobbies would you love to lead? How about finding (ctrl-F) someone like You from Your EU neighbour countries and then from their neighbours and so on? You don’t have to collect a full EU25 team if You don’t want to, but it would give a certain credibility to Your common operations. Like what? Like buying something essential and nonexpensinve together, refining it and selling it to a good price in Your countries. At the same time You could use your network to just develop yourself or to spend time in common hobbies. This would not be useful only for yourself but a stimulating development for the entire union, too.

OK, but how to collect that “lifelong learning team”? By surfing around. By Googling around. By Skyping around. By (just name it)…

On my front page www.personaleu.net You can click on different EU countries and enter to their virtuartourist-pages which are full of living internationally oriented individuals and their descriptions of their challenges. Join the service (it’s not mine, pitty) and start to grow your Personal EU. Then You can choose some more comfortable team environment for further common developments. Skype could be fine. Or Messenger. Or maybe You know some new open national net environment who should earn a bigger union-wide future. I’m open to all such new solutions and will help You to make them famous.

Just now we live in an exciting and fast moving media environment. Three big communication tools – dotcom, mobile phones and digitv (=3via) – will very soon be integrated to a big interactive system. And we as end users can steer the development to ideal solutions by bringing alive and challenging uses for the planners to solve.

Successful Life-long and Union-wide Cooperation!

Personal EU blog(English)
Personal EU blog(Finnish)

PS. If You haven’t seen my original “Personal EU” vision, this is the right moment.