EU teamA long list of e-mail addresses of friends in different countries is just a list if You don’t have a team tool to connect them together at once.

There are many free and open softwares with some promising features but none with what You really need.

One software help You find and list people with interesting background and challenges. Another is a good team tool – but only for two. Some softwares collect the session information to a well structured database. Some offer chat and video meeting at once. Some make free phone calls. Some…

Where is the free and open system which likes to know Your personal hobby, development and work/business challenges and then offers to You a collection of similar or completing unique individuals representing f.ex. the entire European union – and then online and continuously helps the team work and understand eachothers?

The value of interactive and innovative citizens is so big for the European union and its nations, that for them it would be a very good investment to create a union-wide citizen-centric workspace. Within 5-10 years one of its features could be an European anylanguage-to-anylanguage online translation system, too.

Then we have a much better common union with millions of lifelong Personal EU teams.

Let’s stop waiting and start developing. Successful Cooperation!

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