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In trying to find support to my union-wide Personal EU concept, I’ve found that Commissioner Viviane Reding’s future strategy i2010 is from its first beginning – the name – a very human-centric and inspirating initiative. As so many fresh thoughts it however describes its substance from an outdated hierarchic point of view, when it should earn its success by looking at things from an individual’s visual angle.

That’s why I think the human-centric Personal EU idea is an ideal can-opener for i2010. As a matter of fact You could call it i25 to remember what it is all about for 450 million individuals in this union.

The Personal EU idea starts from the fact and chance that everyone in the EU has two (2) citisenships: the one of the homeland and the one of the union. This means exciting new possibilities to combine one’s personal, national and “eunal” resources. What a fine characteristic for the third millenium’s European brains! What an opportunity to go on widening yourself as a lifelong learning process.

25 countries with own cultures is a fantastic starting point for multiplying yourself to 25 complementary solutions for every problem or challenge. Just pick one team member like You from 5-15-25 sister countries and You are unbeatable – as individuals and as a team. And as an union development unit. Creating is choosing. Why not make computers choose that team for all of us. Then we can on daily level continue as enlargened problem solvers and challengers.

Languages transport the information carrying the meanings leading to the right solutions making things be better. Everyone should have the chance to use the own native language because only it works in everything precisely enough. And everyone should have the right to receive other’s meanings in his/her own language, too – for the same reason. In our information society computers will learn the converting from Your native language to my native language. The solution is that simple. That means some essential things to entire Europe’s future, too: one of them is the chance to keep all our languages alive and well-covered; and that is unavoidable for taking care of the richness of the union’s unique cultures and unreplaceable nationalities.

The European union was not created for nothing – but for everything! If we just are satisfied in being a 7% to 6% to 5% to 4%… aging hermit minority, that will be fine for the fast growing civilisations in other parts of the world. But if we like to be the world’s most dynamic and advanced information society, it is up to us, too. Millions and millions of Personal EU “dream teams” is an exciting and profitable reality – and so natural in our relatively compact area where data networks are not the only practical way to meet eachother’s meanings – to make them work wonders together. The “i” in the Commission’s i2010 is explained to mean information, investment in ict and inclusion, but added to those You can start Your own iLife by opening the whole treasure from its personnally-for-You- right-now-ready-to-go section: individual, identity, inspiration, ideas, interest, increasing, influence, initiatives, income, idyls, ideal, infinity… (and so many more, especially in Your own language).

To finally realise what the “i” in i2010 or in i25 is, You just have to go to the nearest mirror and look at yourself: same head, same body, isn’t it. The next two things to do are the 2010 and the 25.

Be i-centric! OK?

Successful Life-long and Union-wide Cooperation!

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PS: If You don’t know which “i” to start with, please try interactivity

PS2: The picture is from the poster “My 30 nicest rights or dullest duties, depending on how I want to look at them” (idea and headline Kurt Linderoos, text UN/Declaration of human rights, picture Sauli Rantamäki)