EU team I have a small problem today.
I have a fine collection of hens ready to lay eggs.
I have 450 million people with spoons in their hands – ready with applause to eat the eggs now and forever.
Just one small thing is missing: the nest-egg.
Without it no eggs, no applause and no eating.

If You have seen my other texts in this blog, You know what I’m speaking about: The start financing.

I understand very well that nobody can do anything without getting payed – not even a challenging government, university or other innovator.

But if You can see that the money will come back as a double amount within 2 years? OK, then it’s ok, but can You guarantee it. And even if You can?…

I’m sure I don’t have this problem after one week any more. I just wanted to mention it to You if You wonder, why I after all these months not are reporting greater success.

And (of course) if You have the nest-egg, please bring it here.

It’s nice to make things done – essential things especially.

Successful Life-long and Union-wide Cooperation!

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