EU team No wonder in this phase that the picture is a little unsharp yet. But still I think this is the right moment to start planning the ownership, too.

If and when Personal EU means something essential and continual to everu EU citizen, the share capital could be 1 € per citizen = 500 000 000 €. And everyone should possess his/her share. Under happy stars that amount could be collected in one day from our tax payments. If this is OK for everybody so let’s do it right now.

But if we will begin more carefully and at the same time organize the Personal EU concept to work in an ideal way between citizens, nations and the union, the figures could maybe start with something like this: Share capital 100 million € divided into 1 million shares à 100 euro.
– 1/3 of it owned by the EU (33 333 400 €),
– 1/3 owned by the member states (size class 33 x 100 000 €) and
– 1/3 owned by 333 333 private EU citizens who like to invest 100 € each.

Much money. But much to do and even much more to reach, too. Let’s think about it, everybody.

Now when starting the cooperation between our personal, national and “eunal” Personal EU projects the most natural way could be to delegate the finance leadership to the Personal EU collaborative project groups working under the Commission’s management. That will ensure the ideal i2010-centricity in development and scheduling of the total solution. That will ensure the meaningful cheering, challenging and support to the piloting member nations, too.

500 million managing directors of their lifes and networks is perfect in tomorrow’s Europe’s Dream Team Society – but a little more concentrated team could make the dream come true in a minimum time.

Your comments and collection, please!

Successful Life-long and Union-wide Cooperation!

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