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Today is the EU day. I got two blue balloons with starcircles.
There were tens of blue-yellow coloured tents in the city of Helsinki: EU organizations, EU member states etc. Future EU states seemed to be the most active af all. Why? To loose their independency? To loose their cultures? To loose their languages? … To be in that number!

55 years ago France’s foreign minister Robert Schuman proposed the idea of European integration. After 55 years from today I’m 120 years old and do not propose anything to You. But today I do:

Please do not skip Your native language (whatever it is) when You develop the European union.
All those tens of European languages are unique richnesses and make their users unique team members in cooperation with other European individuals using their unique languages.
Nothing is so full of nuances and local culture details as the own language and no words can mirror the national and local know how specialities as those written or spoken in the own language.

In our information society of today and tomorrow every day makes it easier to develop good online translation systems from anylanguage to anylanguage. Let’s vote for those who make it happen.

That makes another nice European thing possible, too: Everybody’s own Personal EU teams.

Be union-wide – stay national!

Successful lifelong and unionwide cooperation!

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