The European union is made to rise the life quality of 500 million human individuals and our multinational life circles. The EU constitution is written to be the life-long, union-wide and challenge-high EU User Manual for you and me. The public and private organizations are our tools to develop our union and its manual.

So, You are the Union – and Your Job is to make it better.

That’s why the constitution should not only call you “citizen”, “human”, “people”…
It should handle you as an union-wide orgnization level, just like the commission, parliament, member states and others.

Already changing a few headlines would help. And a much better constitution needs only one sharpened paragraph mentioning the citizen’s union-wide challenges.

Please visit the site, find its inspiring human-centric ideas and understand how much quality the simple Personal EU -thinking would give to You and the entire union.

The Finnish EU Presidency begins in July. I still believe that we hear something about the “Personal EU” from it?

Successful Cooperation!

Kurt Linderoos
+358 500 704464