It’s my birthday today. I’d be very happy to get gratulations. Not because of my age but because of the first Personal EU Meetpoint.

Yes, I’ve suggested to Helsinki, the Capital of Finland, launching of a Personal EU Meetpoint. The idea is simple: to equip 25 street stones on a city square with names of the EU countries. These stones are located in a big circle in front of the new traffic and shopping center Kamppi.

What’s more, I’ve suggested that Helsinki would challenge all big cities in Europe to create Personal EU Meetpoints utilizing the same concept.

So, what’s so fantastic in 25 named stones in a circle? Just the opportunity to collect an own union-wide team for lifelong and challenge-high purposes – just by collecting those who have heard the Meetpoint idea and found their stone.

Ofcourse this system is not at all as automatic as an internet-based union-wide Personal EU Finder. But a good face-to-face step anyway.

About those gratulations: do not send them yet, rather help me to make the dream come true.

Because (even if the idea until now has received a very good response) all essential decision makers have to say their Yes before the Big Day.

That day hopefully is September 5th, when the dedication of a new enterprise statue takes place on the same place.

Our Finnish EU presidency starts here in Helsinki July 1st. During it many union-wide Personal EU minded information society tools will be launched, too. So I think this will be a good 6 months for us 500 million EU citizens.

Successful Cooperation

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