An individual is the base unit of living and doing.
You are such an unit.
As a citizen of the European union you are a base unit of doing on union-wide level – just like someome like you in those other 24 EU member countries.

And now the essential challenge: Why not find those 24 individuals and create an unique Personal EU Team with them!

That’s the way to reach a much more meaningful living level for the rest of your life.
And even more: this is an natural way to stronly grow the solution power of the entire European union.

With an union-wide web based team finder it would be easy to collect such a personal union.

The European Commission could now understand how essential the Personal EU concept would be for our common future. It should immediately launch an union-wide Personal EU Finder on its (=our common) homepage.

This new “organi(c)zation level” would start a new era in not only our personal daily lifes but in the efficiency of all union-wide EU projects, too.

Successful Cooperation – starting today!

Kurt Linderoos
+358 500 704464