As a result of many many brilliant individual teams the AMI@Work process has forgotten one little thing: 400 million smart individuals.

They all are not just citizens of their home countries but responsible citizens of the European union, too.

The straight way from them (=you and me) to the entire union is not delegating problems and wishes to organizations who delegate them to union-wide organizations who delegate them to different places.

The straight way from them (=you and me) to the entire union is (with strong mental and technical support from the union government) a simple tool for creating and running a Personal EU Team with “someone like me” from up to every EU country.

Such personal union-wide, life-long and challenge-high teams could easily and quickly be something very essential, daily, exciting, innovative and useful for millions and millions of us. And it could be something as essential to all our private and public national and international organizations.

Personal EU is like multiplying yourself with well-suiting completing components. It enlarges your resources exactly to your directions – on daily level.

One day (I hope very soon) we all wonder how the European life was possible before the union’s organization level “Citizen”.

Let’s not just discuss about it. Let’s do it!

Successful Cooperation