The art of living meets just now very big challenges in the European union.

Already more than 50% of our laws come from the union and at the same time less and less people really know and care, what they could benefit from it. The union’s challenge to be “the worlds most advanced information society” is great – but the tools to make it true are missing.

My concept “Personal EU” is the answer that makes the EU and its 500 million citizens to reach an ideal level in “art of living”.

Your organization’s challenging team could be just the right challenger to help the Personal EU come true. So please take this serious:


Personal EU – Your own life-long, union-wide and challenge-high European union.
and more: (Finnish)

Media platform(s):

3via (dotcom – mobile – tv)

Interactor role(s) and interface(s):

Interactors find a real EU25 team (one individual with equal and/or completing challenge profile) from up to each EU country, and lead after that a fascinating challenging team life that makes them and their surroundings happier and more successful.

Narrative concept synopsis:

The “name of the game” consists of technology modules: Team Finder, Understander, 3viator, Comparer, Projecter, Elevator, Voter, Buyer/Seller, Personal EU Academy…

Research questions:

At the same time with the software development there is a need of several union-wide pilot teams – for producing EU25 research material, for opening eyes to see the real character of the concept challenges and for helping the beta phases be as short as possible.

Possible follow-ups:

The project should from the first beginning lead to a tight cooperation with EU’s commission and ICT development, the EU member states and public + private organizations.

Contact information

Kurre Linderoos
mobile +358 500 704464

Oy Personal EU United Brains Ltd & Takapiru
Niittymaantie 13 C 26
FI-02200 Espoo, Finland