IST 2006 (November 21-23.) is one of the most essential events of the Finnish EU presidency.

That’s why You should be there – and that’s why I’ll be there.

So many ICT-people in the EU are interested in my Personal EU concept that I simply not could leave me outside of its workshops.

My Contributions:

– The (id: 804) [submitted]
– Towards a “Personal EU” era (id: 2045) [submitted]
– Towards a “Personal EU” era (id: 2046) [submitted]
– Personal EU – Full EU25 teamtool for citizens (id: 4934) [submitted]
– ersonal EU – Millions of human centric EU25 teams as media and target group (id: 4935) [submitted]
– Personal EU25 teams – a new era in the union’s life? (id: 4936) [submitted]
– Your own Personal EU – as long as You live (id: 4937) [submitted]
– The Personal EU System (id: 4955) [submitted]
– Personal EU – How to think small and be big (id: 4956) [submitted]
– …but whos Ethics? (id: 4971) [submitted]
– Personal EU – a “Broadband for All” route map (id: 4972) [submitted]

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