Europe Jigsaw Puzzle Game! Play Kids Games

I found this nice flash-puzzle – exactly what I was lookin for.

If You live in the EU, I think You and Your children could like it too.

In my mind something like this game is a part of the “Personal EU” era, where every EU citizen has his/her own online team contenting one person with similar challenges from up to every EU country. There are so many essential challenges in our union, and millions of such personal EU15-20-27 teams are needed for making thing go towards happy solutions.

More than 50 years ago my boss in my previous working place – Kari Mannerla – created a board game named “Africa’s Star”. It is still the the number one game in Finland. More than 3,5 million “Africa’s Star” games are sold all over the world.

We need a 50 years younger new game “Europe’s Star”, which will become 100 times as successful. We don’t need it just for playing: we need it to be an essential part of our daily life.

Please participate in the developing of it! The essential components of it can be seen on

Successful Cooperation!