FAQ For Your “Personal EU”

  1. FAQ For Your “Personal EU”
  2. The “Personal EU” initiative: What is it?
  3. Why should I have an own “Personal EU”?
  4. What should a “Personal EU” team be able to do?
  5. What kind of threats can we avoid with a “Personal EU” era?
  6. Who is behind the Personal EU vision?
  7. …to be continued…

My Personal EU idea is very much in line with Wikipedia and all its features.

In my mind Personal EU could be characterized as a kind of Personal European Team Wiki. To use a team tool to develop that same team tool is very interesing and challenging. You can not use your voice as a hierarchic boss – your thinking must be so good that it motivates other people (most of them strange to you) to participate – refine the thinking and its practices.

After hundreds of net group discussions, homepage illustrations, blog columns and email speeches I just have started to build the first Personal EU Wiki pages.

It is good brain exercise – and as a Wiki amateur I must already have made a lot of stupid errors and mistakes there. But I believe in learning by doing. It gives me new hope all the time.

So, if this blog and my homepages can not get you into speed towards the Personal EU era, please join the Personal EU Wiki and start to develop and synchronize it to be in line with your future project.

Personal EU needs advances partners. I hope You could be one of them.