Last week I participated the IST 2006 conference, Helsinki, Finland.
More than 4000 innovation society professionals from all EU countries and the rest of the world, 3 days with parallell programs, 105 network sessions and workshops, 150 stands spread over 9000 square meters…

What an unique chance to choose exactly right themes and minutes for meeting face-to-face the exactly right international team for making them interested in the “Personal EU” idea! Theory and truth are different: Too many interpassive school class presentations, too few opportunities to comments and short 1 slide point of views, too poor capacity to recognize the real key persons…

I was lucky: found some exceptional interesting – and interested – individuals and potential project partners.

The challenge now is to take practical interactive steps forward – connecting all essential new resources – not just with me but – with eachothers, to really work out something that is more than a sum of its components.

This week (Nov, 29th) my friend Helge Keitel and I started an interactive gmail document “Innovation Society”/”InnoStar”, fully editable by invited experts from different (mostly EU) countries. We started the document from scratch – and today just we 2 have joined it.

If you are one of those who should be invited, so please let me know – by email or comment to this blog.

Successful cooperation!


PS. If there is below a “very strange” document, it can a present but closed version of that “InnoStar”.