During IST 2006 the Personal EU initiative met so much great interest and so many fantastic EU development projects, that the challenge is to give the opportinity to the right teams.

Think about a Personal EU era from your point of view!

* What has your EU project already done in line with the Personal EU concept?
* How do your newest technology steps fit the Personal EU challenges?
* Adjusted to the Personal EU concept, how could your components work and look like?

Maybe importing the Personal EU concept into your environments is the missing part.
Maybe your system just needs the Personal EU input to surprise everybody gladly.
Maybe you have one essential part and it should find the others.

If you think you already almost have the answers and they are important to You and the entire EU, then let me know.

PS. I’ve started a small interactive collaborative gmail document, where invited projects from different EU countries shortly can introduce their challenges and edit the common part of the document to make it better and better.

I’m waiting for your contact.