The 50th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and the present EU Constitution problems seem to wake up the lion in the German Chancellor and EU President Angela Merkel. I guess that in her mind this particular presidency is the right moment for challenging the union to take the next historical step – and she herself is just the person to make it happen. moment is much better than some other moment during 51st, 52nd… year.

So – what’s wrong with the constitution and what should be done to it? I think nothing is wrong, except the point of view. The constitution is written for “a person named European union”, not for 500 million people named “You and Me”. Fanny how different wights paragraphs get depending on the center point. Still the number one fact is that an individual, a person, a citizen is the base unit of human life, and the European union just an organization of organizations allowed by her/him.

This is what I suggest right now for Angela Merkel and her cabinet and collegues:

1) Open the homepage and be familiar with “the citizen on union level”

2) Chrystallize the present suggested constitution using that point of view. Did it become more acceptable?

Happy next 50 years and a successful cooperation!

Kurt Linderoos
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