Yesterday TietoEnator arranged for 150 decision makers a “Let’s build together a digital future” business seminar in Helsinki.

Top speakers and their presentations showed a covering range of big visions, missions and strategies – and promising current phases.

The most essential person in the seminar was Mr. Same Guy (could be Mrs or Ms Same Guy or just YOU, too). In every presentation that person was in the center: Instead of building services for private persons, home owners, consumers, hobbyists, travellers, employees, bosses, companies… we should concentrate in getting 24/7/365 lifelong services for individuals, because they (we all) have many roles more and more connected to eachothers. Seeing how this total unit behaves helps all kinds of services see next service situations to make everything very easy for all parts.

In my Personal EU platform every citizen of thew European union has her/his own European union consisting of “Someone like me” from each EU country. These union-wide “Personal planets” are the same thing as Same Guy – they just are up to 27 times bigger and self-organized to be ready for union-wide “Same Guy services”.

You as a European member of your personal private, hobby, development, project and work/business circles should take a good look at “Same Guy” and “Personal EU”.

And if I may suggest, you should help all your organizations make the Personal EU era come true.

How about that?

Successful cooperation!