“Life. A fanny thing that happened to me on the way to the grave.”
(I don’t remember who)

Your life is an unbelievable collection of events.Some of them a planned by you in some of your roles, some of them are planned by someone else, some of them just are on your way.  Some of your events are open and free, some need a key: ticket, papers, authorizing, permission, passport, money.Instead of just live the event you mostly first have to get the key. Not just once but over and over again. Why should it be so complicated? In the information society all services can get the keys to know what we need or want – to decide how to bring it to us.The question is just when we meet the service and how much we use it. “When” is something between now and never and “How much” is something between nothing and everything. Everything that can be digitized will be digitized, they say. That means services for your and my life events, too.
And when something happens to us, it usually means “now” for many other events – this chain reaction in offering services more and more happens automatically.

This is a very raugh list prototype but tells the idea.

Within X? days

1?              Wake up: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
1?              Breakfast: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
1?              Go to work: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
1?              Calls: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
1?              Forget something: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
X?              Moon race: Choices? Price? Offer pack?     
30?            Holiday: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
1?              Go to sleep: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
8000?         Pension: Choices? Price? Offer pack?
15000?       The End: Choices? Price? Offer pack?

How could your complete list look like? Your private and work bookkeeping tells much about your past.But how about your future. The tax bureau database and your credit card system already could make a good guess. And so the even do when planning their own future strategies. To make everything easier let’s stop asking What and Why.Let’s start asking When and How much. 

Innovative interactivity!