Politic. Public. Private. Person. Four very essential levels, all of them living and thinking inside their boxes. Setting challenges to eachothers. But are they really collaborating?

Our network era gives nice opportunities to new kind of collaboration where all parts would start at the same time from the same starting point and build from scratch something new, better and essential for themselves – for all of them.

The constitution gap in the European union gives just now such a chance. Especially if the last P – personal level of almost 500 000 000 union citizens should have a REAL opportunity to be on the same start line. The life itself happens in any case on that personal level – and a enthusiastic citizenship is the best way to make things happen successfully – to make things happen at all.

Please make a nice trip to a better European union – now: www.personaleu.eu

There are 100 illustrated pages to see and one big idea to realize.

If You happen to belong to those two first P’s and have the right to open new essential discussions, please be brave now.

The next coming EU Presidencies are excellent places to launch the completing “missing organization level” and challenge us all to build a “Personal EU era”. And if You happen to be chair member in any network of the European Network of Living Labs, You could make the entire system to understand how Personal EU teams would answer all ENoLL challenges in a delightful way.

Happppy collaboration!