People who use Facebook seem to understand my Personal EU concept and idea easier than those using more traditional interactivity tools.

Having a big amount of friends online and doing different kind of things with them at once can be understood after seeing how that “organized chaos” works.

All of Your friends have not met You face-b discussing with themy-face personnally, but so it was earlier, too. I’ve met many of my friends after communicating with them in years by email and in discussion groups.

There is 2 clear differences between Facebook friendship and a Personal EU team:

– In Facebook You collect (or are supposed to collect) old friends. In Your Personal EU You complete Your friendship with new friends to an EU27 team

– In Facebook Your friends have very different hobbies, developments, works, businesses, challenges, and You find that difference better and better when interacting with them. Because the idea of Personal EU is to find “someone like You” from up to each EU country, the personal profiles of the team members are not so far from eachothers.

These differences mean that in Facebook it’s very hard to concentrate in something that really is meaningful and essential for You. In Your Personal EU the personal challenges are more same – and everybody wants to see the team as “my personal union”. This is good not only for the members but for the EU government and potential commercial collaboration in larger scale.

Now when we have Facebook and when it’s very popular it should be not too hard to develop its “missing applications” – from Personal EU’s points of view. The most essential of them is a “Personal EU Finder”, finding this “someone like You” from as many EU countries as possible. Before accepting them to friends You could and should run some discussion rounds to be sure that there really is synergy enough. And when the team is there, it’s so easy to go on from everyone’s own essentials.

If You have not visited the Personal EU homepage before, now it the right moment. I’m sure that You find it interesting and I hope that You have patient to spend enough time there.

The next step towards a Personal EU era could now be to create the “Personal EU Finder” and launch it in the Facebook application gallery. I am not able to do the scripting but I could be a really good team member for the right one. So, if it’s You, let’s do it together.

Innovative interactivity!