You know the usual way to establish companies and run business – and if You are from Europe, You are an expert in comparing it to another way.

I call it the Personal EU way.

Someone like You from each country in the union.1) Take Yourself
2) Choose 26 persons with as identic challenge profiles as possible: one from each EU country
3) Start interacting about essential things on private and business level
4) Realize that You are an union-wide organi(c)zation
5) Sharpen Your business idea and organization
6) Run it

There could be millions of such Personal EU businesses and almost-businesses if…
If what? What’s missing?

The Personal EU27 Team Finder is still missing – and developing it can not be an insuperable barrier.

If I should be Mr. José Manuel Barroso  I’d tell to my commission in the next meeting, that I want their internet gurus to develop such a small application and show it to us in the next meeting.
After that I’d start a commission-wide PPPP (Politic-Public-Private-Person) operation to make every Organization, project and citizen know this tool and that it is free to use and open for financers and supporters.

Very unusual, isn’t it?

When do we start, Mr. Barroso?

Innovative European Christmas!

Kurt Linderoos
Mr. Personal EU