I’ve been invited to propose a panel session for a eCollaboration conference in Bled, June 15-18th.

Not complicated: just 5-6 EU experts telling their view to my Personal EU initiative and discussing with eachothers and the audience.

To make the event succeed I started by asking from some key persons if they would say Yes.

The first answer was “When exactly?”

This is an answer that I need from the conference committee – but they are waiting for my suggestion first: Panelists, their views to the subject and the subject in a nutshell.

The panelists want to receive an invitation from the conference arrangers…

What I just did in this situation was that I sent an email to my friend in the conference committee and made this suggestion: He and I would sign together an advance invitation, where I tell about the Personal EU panel idea and he about the suggested day and hour and other technical details.

My biggest problem just now is my poor English. Let’s see what happens.

 Successful cooperation!