My big mouth
Yesterday i wrote about the planned
Personal EU conference panel in Slovenia. Today I received an email from there – and it makes me think the whole thing over:

“Dear Kurt,

In the Call ( it is described how a panel is put together and run. The panel chair, or co-chairs (sometimes we have co-chairs) is the driving force. No special invitation are practised.

Since the panellists are expected to register for the conference, they may plan to attend several components of the program and exploit lunches and dinners for interactions. It is expected that some arrangement are made during the conference (joint activities, projects).

Regarding the day of a panel, it is hard to make individual arrangement at this point in time. We will be receiving papers and panel proposals in next few weeks. We could take a note that Tuesday, June 17 would be preferable to you. However, would you expect that some individuals would be able to register for the conference and travel a certain distance just for one day?

You may like to suggest the panellists to engage in the conference (2-3 days) and enjoy the Bled environment. 
Best regards, Joze

I’m not sure at all that my key persons have 3 days “for a panel”. I think that even my interest is to participate the panel session and then spend the rest of my 3 days vacation in Slovenia with my dear Leena.

OK, today I’ll explain the situation to those who already received my invitation.

Then I concentrate in the proposal to the committee and hope the best. Maybe my experts or even better experts will registrate to the conference – and we will get a great Personal EU panel in June.