Your PPPP rolesYou know who You are so I don’t try to explain it to You.

PPPP however needs a few words. No, it’s not four parking places – or actually that’s exactly what it is.

The seed of PPPP is PP: Public-Private or Private-Public. It’s a form of collaboration where the government sector and market sector together set challenges and reach goals. In more and more cases it works well but is still missing something from its both ends: the politics and the persons who finally pay and use the result.

PPPP (Politic. Public. Private. Person.) is an enlargement of Public-Private or Private-Public. It brings the entire value chain to collaboration from the first moment – just like runners to a start line towards a common final.

And how about You as a PPPP key!?

As a matter of fact You have all those PPPP roles inbuilt in Yourself, so You are at least the right person to participate in PPPP collaboration. Let’s look at Your PPPP roles closer and just take some examples:
– Your P1 role: chooser in political elections (and just not on national level)
– Your P2 role: sponsor in public life as a tax payer
– Your P3 role: unique combination of professional/cultural/local expertise and resources
– Your P4 role: unique unit of human life – no one else is able to live Your life and reach Your personal challenges

Why speak about EU PPPP? Simply because You (and almost 500 million other individuals) not just are citizens of their EU countries but citizens of the entire EU, too. And because already 50% of our laws come from that common level. Not to forget Schengen, Treaty, Lisbon strategy, Living Labs, environment, aging of everyone or € either.

You can start Your EU keynote speech in front of the mirror by letting Your PPPP roles, one by one, bring unique essential views to the subject (whatever it is).

And when You’ve practised with Yourself, You’re ready to do the same in any local, regional, “EUnal” or global negotiation or conference.

Just ensure together with others that everyone plays using those same rules/roles. If someone wants to leave some of his/her pleasant “P” duties unused, he/she should accept removing it from all his/her rights, too. Simple and stupid but logical.

Welcome to Your PPPP era – and innovative European interactivity!

Facebook: Personal EU group

and almost 500 million individuals in the European union