personalteams.jpgToday the European union is almost 500 000 000 individuals from 27 member states. The next years will bring more.

What EU is is not just something between it’smember states. On personal level it should mean even more
– because we all can live our lifes only on personal level – no one can do it instead of us
– because countries and unions can not succeed without people doing the job and turning problems into victories

I mean that the secter of a successful union is how motivated and equipped the citizens are to innovate and collaborate on union level. There should not be unnecessary hierarchies between the compatible team members from different countries – and even the invisible historical attitude borders should be forgotten.

 I strongly believe that I’ve found the solution, the missing dimension. I’ve worked many years developing it. The site describes widely what it is all about.

Here I just want to draw your attention to one thing in the Personal EU concept: it’s role in the daily life! I do not mean just a few days but a 24/7/12/ continuity. Connecting private and work sectors on union level.

Today there are not such networks – just networks with too little features or networks with too much features. And non of them can find to you the personal union-wide dimension.

I’d like to know your comments and tips to this. Your turn, please.

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