EUhomeThis is a very big question. But You, I and we all in Europe have an even bigger tool for successfully answering the challenge: our personal brains.

We all live our life on personal level and that’s the only way we can do it.  Those of us who are EU citizens can do it in that role. And all of us can do it as citizens of our home countries.

So – let’s use our heads and discuss. About what hole? With whom?

If You see a hole in the union then there must be one. And about discussion my suggestion is: together with someone from every EU country, together with someone from the missing countries, too. It’s easier than ever with our various free collaborative network tools: Virtual tourist, LinkedIn, Skype, Messenger, Habbo, Google Talk, Facebook… If You use some of those and want to know more what I’m speaking about, just find me there and ask.
If You use Facebook, please welcome to the group Personal EU to understand and participate. And in any case visit the site to find a surprising and hopefully inspiring cross-European initiative.

As a matter of fact the union is (or isn’t) inside our heads. Maybe the hole is there, too.

 Inspiring European interactivity!