Personal EU in a nutshell

I just added some new nuances to my “Personal EU” group (Facebook).

Until now every country of the European union has had it’s “key” person in the admin list – and so it absolutely will be, too.

What’s new is that I’ll make a similar key person list from the countries bordering the union – our nearest neighbours.

But that’s not enough: this planet is getting smaller every day and we need collaboration and “glocal” views from every country in the world. The Personal EU group meets this challenge by inviting globally friends from every country to “glocal keys” in Personal EU collaboration.

Ofcourse the Personal EU group is just a piloting thinking model for millions of unique Personal EU teams – each of them consisting of 17-27 individuals from different EU countries, 5-15 bordering countries and up to 150 other countries.

So, if any this is meant to be a very global open social team of teams. In my Personal EU Blogspot blog I just wrote a letter to Google – to make them see the Personal EU platform as an essential part of their coming “Open Social” world. I suggested that they should start an user-centric development unit in Finland for that, because

“Sapienti sat” now.

If You are someone I mentioned above, please join the Personal EU group and be interactive there. Or tell Your personal wishes to Personal EU right here.

Inspiring European interactivity!