A very stupid question!?

Yes, stupid enough, I hope.

First of all: why should you organize your world? Because you are in the centre of it: the only one in the world who can live your life.

If you are a citizen of the European union, you could start with creating an own EU: by choosing the most similar person from each country in the union and then by doing the most essential common things with them. The internet makes it easy – when someone first creates a “Personal EU Team Finder” and some missing essential team tools.

This explanation was far too short to make you understand. But I hope it was long enough to make you interested.

Please be open-minded and come to the site http://www.personaleu.eu – and do not go away before you have browsed at least to ten pages there.  Free choice.

If you like to get more details and nuances, welcome to my blogs – and especially to the Personal EU group in Facebook – http://groups.to(personaleu/ . You’ll meet people from almost 50 countries there.

Happy organizing!