You get new friends through all your life, from school, work, hobby, family… You loose a big part of them during years, some essential, too. And you get friends who seem to be fully unwanted.

You need friends, a nice team of stimulating people for making your and their life more meaning. People who don’t mean anything to you – do you need them at all?

small world, but why don't I find?

Living is connecting people. But before that you have to collect them, keep them and find their role in your life. Your challenges are growing all time, and that’s why you maybe think it’s important to collect people for future challenges, too. If some people belong to your circles wit hout a role, it’s not dangerous if they don’t harm you and your real friends? You never know who of them will stand up and be very essential to you. Is it so?

Think about this and your network friends. What is missing from what you give to them – what you mean to them?

If you are European, please look at – and see if you find some new essential criteria for your future friends. I hope so.

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