Today it is today. And tomorrow it is tomorrow. And so on.

But why wait that long?

As an European you could right now do something to enlarge yourself to an union-wide person – to one who has an own personal EU Commission with commissioners for all your big challenges. explains the idea, vision, mission… just one essential thing is missing – and you could now spend a quality moment to help it come true:

A PERSONAL EU27 TEAM FINDER is needed to allow everyone in the union find his/her own Personal EU.  The nature of that missing tool is described here:

If you don’t be the one to create the Finder, you can still help yourself by sending this blog link to your friends who could answer such challenges.

We all are in the same boat – our unique personal lives, too. And our personal future is too short for waiting too long.

Inspiring European Innovativity!

“Mr. Personal EU”


If you like to be interactive in Facebook, please join the Personal EU group – already 50 countries represented.

As LinkedIn user you are welcome to the Personal EU27 group.

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