What’s the best online visualization describing Your Social Network Traffic? Or is there any?

TouchGraph by Google shows visually all connections to and from Your website.  On Facebook You can find  a FriendWheel and other applications illustrating all Your friends and all their connections to Your other friends, in one interactive picture.

But what I’ve not found and what I need more than those partial solutions is a map showing as stations all my network destinations – and describing as thinner or thicker piles all traffic (my and other) between those stations (LinkedIn, Facebook, ENoLL, Twitter, Brightkite, Qaiku, Wiziq, Picasa, MySpace, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, homepage… whatever).

And this map should be clickable to take me straight to any station on the map.

Do I have too big wishes? I don’t think so. Because that service would be the new kind homepage for a big part of internet users – and many feed applications already almost have the package ready as text stream.

So, when You find what I’m missing, please let me know. I promise not to keep it as a secret.

Inspiring Innovativity!