It’s not easy to drive at high speed into fog.
That’s a little how I felt when participating the high class workshop VisionEraNet in Helsinki.
In my mind the road (and partially the route because there is not road on every stint) to the happy European future is quite clear – no fog, just taking people there, a big amounbt of them.

You are prepared to hear excellent collaboration plans and the human being (citizen, end-user, customer, You, me) in the centre of the picture, in the centre of the globe.

But that was not exactly what happened: The presentations were somehow complicated, just as the innovation development situations in different countries. Some brilliant details and much of dust or boxes, boxes, boxes leading nowhere.

The handouts were in advance in the internet and on memory sticks for all almost 100 participants. Great!

No network discussion fora for pre-questions to the speakers.
No list of partipants and their emails on the webpage.
No webcasting for allowing the participants to invite their networks to participate from long distance and make online comments and fresh questionsto get online answers.
And no real workshop, just Speeches, panel, questions from the audience and some talking with food in the mouth.

I know that organizations arranging conferences work in the meantimes too. The Organization boxes have their official ways to say and hear.

CHANGE however is something that needs wide common inspiration and new chainreactions from everyone to everyone – even outside the boxes, conference room and present organisation structures.

In this conference I missed the spirit of social change, the interested and inspiring interactivity from everybody to everybody, the really looking forward and daring to drive into the fog, knowing that the route map already exists in each of us and nowhere else.

Managing social change requires understanding of the fact that the change always begins NOW ONLINE, it is breathing in and out from all to all.

What I together with my network collague tried to do was to bring the inspiring online atmosphere to the box:
I made 27 online webcasts (almost 5 hours, I think) to the internet with my E90 mobile phone, we saw “global village people” login and make comments – and we wrote friendly feedbacks.
I made several comments to the presentations and mostly felt that others behaved a little like robots with the program section “human touch” turned off.

As a summary I, however, have to be happy and believe that just this kind of unstandard behavior gives the feeling of change and makes people (even if they don’t say or show it) come out of their personal traditioal hierarchy boxes.

And (that’s why like to believe) never go back there.
It doesn’t mean revolution. It just means looking at everything that you really are and making a new more natural and inspiring personal 24/7 world of it.

Happy Everything!

Kurt (Dear Commission…)

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