The European union is now taking the first steps of a new more meaningful era.

More important than a president of the council is that the Lisbon strategy sets big challenges to a citizen-centric development.

That means that YOU are the center point of this brand new era.
And why not? 
You already are a citizen of the entire union (and your home country).
You already have common borders with the rest of the union – and common money is most of the EU countries.
50% of the law’s already come from the union level and are common for all us 500 million citizens.

But how to make the union idea personal?
How to grow your resources to union-level without meeting all its bureaucracy?

Your union-wide, challenge-high and life-long idea is now closer to it’s cometrue than ever.
Please be curious, see it’s visions, read it’s challenges, participate it’s groups!

Especially our Facebook group is inspiring: already people from 50 countries (and EU has just 27).

Together we can easily make an essential Personal EU TeamFinder come true.
Without it there is almost impossible to find “someone like you” from up to each EU country – to be Your unique team.

All great ideas are finally very simple – so is this one.
You just have to find its value to you, personally.
I’m speaking of a new You-centric era that makes the present better.

Let’s keep in touch to do it.

Innovative European Interactivity!

Kurre (the idea) (the FB group)

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