Next week will be challenging.

For me, and for You, too – if you like. And I hope so.


On Monday morning February 15th between 08.50 and 10:50 AM (UTC+2) I'll make my presentation "EU is YOU – How to create the union's missing organi(c)zation level" on the YLE Areena channel .

My decision was to do it in English. Even if I speak and write (as you see) very "bad" English.

The message, however is directed to all 500 million citizens of the European union – and the channel can bee seen online globally! And in Finnish just 10 % of the essential people could see and hear it.

What it all is about? Please visit and browse there until you think you found it.

And on Monday morning I hope you'll watch – and use your favorite feedback channels to help us take important and wise next steps!


On Friday February 19th i have a meeting at the Finnish Standards Association SFS – and try to bring the Personal EU vision in spotlight as a EU standard candidate. The union seeks new innovative and inspiring standardizing areas, and "the missing organi(c)zation level" sure is worth discussing in this connection. Four high class ITC friends of mine will participate and look at the concept from different views. Fantastic test anyway.

"Anything I can do we can do better". Your feedback already before next week could be essential.

Innovative European Interactivity!

Kurre (the idea) (the group)

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