Dear EU Commissioner Antonio Tajani,

Already in 2005 my idea received big aplauds from an international (16 countries) workshop, arranged in Brussels by the New Working Environments office of the Commission.

After that Hungary and Spain have tried to make a proposal on it’s ground, and in 2006 I almost succeeded in aking it the theme of IST2006, the information society conference of the Finnish presidency.

In 2005 I stopped my 35 old communications consulting company “Takapiru” and started “Personal EU United Brains” – just to concentrate in 2the name of the game”.

Please try to forget my bad English and understand the kernel of my initiative:

1. The ground of the EU innovation policy/strategy must be individuals, because life can be lead only on personal level.

2. The union’s success requires very wide and large scale union-wide team work between citizens from different EU countries.

3. The Commission itself is an essential, excellent and recommendable example of the needed union-wide person collaboration.

4. The commission model can be multiplied to every citizens in the union, with simple and inspiring help of information technology.

5. A “Personal EU TeamFinder (Placed inside Facebook, LinkedIn, European Network of Living Labs and the union’s own portal) would give every citizen an easy opportunity “by one button” to find around her/him other individuals with most similar challenges as their, one person from up to each EU country.

6. This should be a free opportunity for all EU citizens. Very soon we could have millions of such Personal EU Teams (covering 10-27 countries).

7. Every Personal EU Team is valuable for the members themselves, to the entire union and to eveything there between, because they bring together ideas and solutions from different parts of the rich European culture environment – and create new even better working solutions from the rich nuances of that strong basis.

8. Personal EU Teams could be one essential entrepreneural step towards the union as “the world’s most advanced innovation society”. today there are some 25 million companies in the union, employing some 125 million citizens. Only a very small percentage of this is union-wide business. In a few years a “Personal EU TeamFinder” could allow the birth of many millions of very union-wide “business seeds” – and complete the existing union-wide organizations with a very collaborative new organi(c)zation level.

9. A “Personal EU era” would be more than union-wide teams, because every team could easily be global.

10. The Personal EU concept should be an essential kernel of the coming EU innovation policy/strategy.

11. The Commission can in practise show the way to the solution – by using 20-40 000 € to make the missing “Personal EU TeamFinder” come true. I’m ready to offer the entire Personal EU concept and its domains to the Commission – where it would be a new innovative additive to every citizen’s union-wide rights and an inspiring challenge for everyone.

12. Please let everyone in the commission see these: (all about Personal EU)

Please let me know your next steps in this case.
In the commission there are some coordinators who already know the concept and practical ways to progress, for example Antti Peltomäki and Bror Salmelin.

Innovative European Interactivity!

Kurre (the idea) (the group)